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  • Maker : RPG Maker 2003 RPG Maker 2003
  • Gametype : Vollversion Vollversion
  • Developers : Asuma
  • Release date : 2013-01-26
  • Website : CLICK!
  • Submitted by: Asuma Asuma
  • aubmitted at
  • License allows non-commerical redistribution, modifications
  • Popularity helper: 7.57%
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Lilian is a careless young pirate. Her last art was to let the princess that the pirtas abducted be taken by a giant green dragon! Now, Lilian has to go alone to an island full of mischief to regain the princess.

Lilian é uma jovem pirata descuidada. Sua ultima arte foi deixar a princesa que os pirtas raptaram ser levada por um gigante dragão verde!Agora, Lilian tem que ir sozinha a uma ilha cheia de tarados para recuperar a princesa.

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